My Biography

My Biography

In my time at the University of Florida, I was an executive producer of the Innovative Storytelling Unit for WUFT News, the PBS/NPR affiliate in North Central Florida. I led a team of investigative journalists to the fringes of storytelling where we abandoned the traditional news model and instead focused on explanatory, long-form content for digital. In the spring 2018 semester, I pitched and produced an investigation that followed Florida felons days, months and years after their sentence ended. I wrote dozens of letters to inmates, chased down politicians and followed men and women of all backgrounds as they struggled to find housing, jobs and get back their right to vote. We called it Locked Out, and it premiered at a town-hall style event where I got to discuss our reporting with experts, felons and community members, as well as a Facebook Live audience. My next series, Silenced, focused on the 1.5 million Florida felons who stood to regain their right to vote with Amendment 4. I investigated the potential impacts of the amendment, from its political to monetary to social implications.

In spring 2019, I had the pleasure of interning for 60 Minutes. Researching shoot locations for a Samuel L. Jackson interview, sifting through archives and watching producers dissect a piece in the screening room were all part of what made my experience there incredible.

After my time at CBS, I headed to Rome, Italy to intern with The Associated Press. On deadline, I covered Putin’s meeting with Pope Francis from inside the Vatican, a government coalition collapse, a cop killing with American teenage suspects and misbehaving tourists. In Rome, I learned how quickly and accurately I needed to work so that any video, text or photo I produced could be ready for the international wires.

And now I graduate. My time at UF and my internships has taught me more than I could imagine, and I am so excited for what’s next.


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    1. Your coverage for the Associated Press is astounding. Good luck in your future endeavors Dolores, you're going to do great!

  2. It was cool to learn about you. I also enjoyed learning about your experiences as an intern.


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